Douglas Etsitty Copper

I purchased the ring in this picture from a man online who said it was given to his father by Douglas Etsitty, Navajo artist, as a gift upon the death of Douglas’s father. It is quite heavy. The workmanship is very good. He cautioned me that there were fakes out there. I paid $64 in an auction.

I found this ring also stamped Douglas Etsitty for much less online and I wonder if it is authentic or fake? The reason being that the son passed away over a year ago I believe yet the seller keeps coming up with more and more rings. There is something below the signature which I cannot make out. The copper is half the weight of my original purchase too. It bends easily. Just curious.

. I think the original story from the guy I purchased the heaviest ring from may have been just a story. Anyhow, I collect a lot of Navajo copper.

The rest of these photos has the original ring I purchased on the right side.

If this is not the right forum for looking into real or fake jewelry let me know where to go?

Correct forum. Be patient, as it may take a while to get responses from those who know.


I am guessing both rings are copper? That mark below the hallmark I am assuming is the metal mark, usually a sterling mark. It is not uncommon for an artist to use different gauges creating different weights. We sell a few copper items and $64 for a ring seems high.

The original ring, heaviest one, was supposedly very special according to the history. It’s beauty attracted me so I outbid and really haven’t regretted it. Now, the other one cost me just $15 and has even finer detail. Who knows.

Yes, they are copper and I wear these also to relieve pain in the joints on the finger I wear it on. Works!

Thank you, fernwood!!