Dyed Turquoise

I was told these nuggets are dyed turquoise. If that’s the case, I am guessing that’s just for variation or maybe the turquoise is subpar. I see a lot of people list items with the similar color to mine as Lime Green Turquoise and calling it all natural. Just questioning whether turquoise can be organically in that color.

It looks like Asian howlite beads, and these probably are Thailand items, judging from the metal–not NA.

There’s a small amount of authentic US-mined lime green turquoise. Damale, Carico Lake, and Orville Jack can be lime, although the color is also seen in variscite and faustite.


No, definitely not Native American. Thank you for your thought on Howlite. A jeweler confirmed turquoise but he could be wrong.

So to respond to your question about lime green turquoise… yes there is such a thing. And no it isnt all dyed howlite. I would refer you to a few trusted sites on the topic.


Of course, you can find these things on your own by simply googling variations of the descriptions:
Lime green turquoise
Lime green turquoise mines
lime green turquoise origins
bright green turquoise locations
Bright green turquoise

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Thank you for your response and link @Christibo!