I am wondering how do you tell if turquoise is dyed? Can matrix be dark blue? I got this tumbled nugget necklace but the stones are green and I’m wondering if they are dyed. String is white, not blue. I realize I don’t know if I could even tell howlite from the real thing. Is this real turquoise? Thanks.

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Also, my camera makes it look slightly more yellow and darker than it really is.

I have included a link to a google search that shows dyed turquoise. We see dyed turquoise like this all the time, the images on the google search. I can’t say I have ever seen pieces that are dyed like your image. Usually dyed pieces will have a consistency in color, because you begin with a white material. From the image your pieces look like real turquoise. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Jason! I will check it out.