E Benally squash blossom necklace

It seems that there are a lot of E Benally artists, too, so I’m trying to find out which one. This piece is huge and hefty- 300 grams. It feels and looks like its even better quality than most of the others I have. The turquoise is in chunks, rather than smooth stones. It’s really gorgeous. Any information on when it was made, the approximate value and by specifically which artist is appreciated- Thanks in advance!

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/61802a0ea46e90a89f5e4ed9cfd9071db06d000c.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/7520820d406161dcea2755776e793aa76f45383c.jpg">

The piece appears to be a Navajo piece, 1980s. I can not get the picture to enlarge, but from what I have would call the turquoise sea foam Kingman. Benally is a very common Navajo last name and the 1980s was a time when lots of jewelry was being made, I don’t believe that identifying the artist is going to change the value on this piece. Thanks for sharing.

To enlarge the picture after clicking hold down Ctrl key and scroll mouse wheel forward or Ctrl and the + sign will also enlarge. To reduce use mouse wheel and Ctrl and mouse wheel backwards or the - sign. :slight_smile:

Thanks stardove for the technical assistance. After seeing the enlarged photo (little blurry) it almost has a carico lake look. This could be an artist by the name Ernest Benally. Thanks again.