E. S. Mitchell cuff part two

Well forum friends I found another E. S. Mitchell cuff I could not pass up. This one does not fit as well as the first but it’s still a keeper. It is very similar to the Reggie Mitchell cuff @Ziacat wears so well. The seller believes it is Royston turquoise but was not certain.


I would say that’s practically a twin to mine, so of course I love it!! I guess like father, like son :smile: It looks like it fits you well.

It was funny, when we were out west a couple of the shop owners had never heard of Reggie Mitchell. I suspect that’s because he only sells online or at art markets.

Enjoy! Glad you’re a fan!


It’s wonderful!
I love it so much and it looks great on you!:star_struck:


@Ziacat Your Reggie cuff made me a huge fan. Thank you! It is hard to believe shop owners had not heard of him. I did a past auction search on Billy the Kid auction. Wish I had know about him back then.

R S Mitchell Turquoise Sand Cast Cuff Bracelet
Sold: $175.00
April 6, 2019 9:00 AM MDT

RS Mitchell Emerald Valley Turquoise Sand Cast Cuff Bracelet
Sold: $150.00
April 6, 2019 9:00 AM MDT

@Stracci Thank you. :smiling_face:


Those are crazy ridiculous prices. I just don’t shop online, because I really like to try stuff on.


I *need" one of these bracelets.You ladies are gonna make me spend money!
The Bernalillo Indian Arts Festival is this weekend …Gary Custer and Milford Calamity will both be there… 30 minutes from my house…aaahhhhh!


I would be so broke if I lived out there :laughing:

Unfortunately it looks like Reggie Mitchell won’t be at the Eiteljorg Indian Art Market, at least he didn’t mention it on his website. I can’t find a list yet for which artists are coming.


I totally get that you want to try on your cuffs/jewelry when buying them. This one is a bit tighter than I would buy in person.


Be sure to post a report of all the beauties you left behind and post pics of what you purchased.
What size cuff do you wear? I will keep my eye out for a Mitchell you. :wink:


You are so kind! :heart:
If you see one for a good price!
My wrist measures 6-1/4".
But it’s so hard to tell online if a cuff will be a good fit.

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Inflation isn’t happening just to groceries and gas. Silver prices and labor are up, as well demand for NA jewelry. You should see the deals @Islandmomma grabbed years ago! :astonished:


Yes, I agree. I’m looking back in some shock at many of the cuffs I bought years ago. Let’s look at it even now as an investment :laughing::grin: