Eagle Mark on Opal Cuff w/ 14k & Turquoise Flower... Native?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Does anybody recognize this Eagle mark?
I don’t want to say much more, because I don’t really know anymore!
I’m not even sure it’s Turquoise or Opal!?

Again, thanks for any info!

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Interesting piece. Couldn’t find an eagle like this in my resources. What can you tell me about the piece? Where it was purchased, year, what are they calling the white material, what is that other mark in the back, anything to help with the research? Thanks

Thank You for the reply!
It was purchased “used”, in a shop in SW Florida in the mid '80s.
I think the shop owner’s name was Virginia Bento (married name), she said she had lived in Albuquerque, but was originally from Chicago.
It’s supposed to be Opal, it’s about 1/4" thick, with a Rose Gold flower & Turquoise stigma. The other mark is a hexagon with ‘14k’ stamped inside it.

I tried taking a couple more pics to show the thickness of the Opal & a couple more to show the ‘bird mark’ (maybe a falcon?) and the colors of the Opal.

Again, Many Thanks!!

Forgot to mention… it weighs 44.9 grams & is a Woman’s Petite… has a 6" inside circumference with a 1.25" opening.

I am still unable to find anything on the eagle hallmark. I believe this piece to be opal, from the images it appears to have the characteristics of opal. Also, in the 1980s you just didn’t see much of the synthetic like you do today. Opal is valuable, if possible I would take this into a jeweler in your area and get an opinion. It is always difficult from a picture.

That is definitely opal not created, opal is also very delicate, you are lucky to have such a nice piece, I’m curious if the opal has any Spiderwebbing or cracks. It looks like it doesn’t. I don’t often see larger chunks of opal in native pieces and I have been buying and selling for 14 years

No cracks or spider-webbing!
I’m still trying to figure out who made it & it’s value.
If you got any idea, I’m all ears!

I need to chime in here too because someone, somewhere may tell you to clean it so the mark shows better but don’t do any cleaning to this. Opals are very delicate and can get completely ruined by chemical solutions, just like pearl or mother of pearl. I imagine this has much more fire in person than what shows here and I do believe that it was the late 70’s or early 80’s I started seeing gold and silver or even just gold set turquoise. I’m having a hard time seeing the stamp on my side. It also looks sideways so I’m not sure about it either. Very nice piece you have there.

The Marks are clear to me, in person. It’s not easy getting them in a pic!
I tried to use the pics that show the ‘Fire’… That was difficult, as well.
The Hexagon Stamp, on the left, is stamped 14K. On the right, above ‘sterling’ is what looks to be an Eagle, Falcon or Hawk in flight.
The only part that’s Gold is the Flower.
The pic is straight, the cuff is on it’s side… Here’s a slightly darker pic, turned so the Marks are right side up :

It should be easier to see the ‘14K’, but the bird is a little out of focus.
Thanks for your comment!
Any idea what it’s worth?

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