Early 70's Navajo watch Cuff

My mother has a cuff bracelet that my father wore for many years. She says that he bought it in the early 70’s from a jewelry place called Anozira. We can’t find the receipt right now but she is thinking of selling it. We are trying to identify it. I am winder if you can help. It is sterling silver and very heavy with a total of 18 turquoise stones in the cuff. The cuff is 2 inches wide.

I tried to get a copy of the PC in the corner of the cuff but I can’t get a good picture of it.

More photos will get a better response on this forum. Maybe include weight as well. Try to get the hallmark or stamp into a photo.

It is very heavy. I will take size measurements and include those soon.

Dang! Is that the same piece in both pictures??