Early Hand Made Zuni Sunface Need ID Help Please

Greetings turquoise people! A quick bit about me…I’ve been collecting, trading, buying & selling for many years now, about 40 years. I love what I do and whenever I do sell, I prefer to be as thorough as possible. I think this is most likely a piece I will keep…you just don’t find them like this very often.

Looks like I’ve got the back as the first pic…apologies for that. Zuni Sunface, initials R.L. I have a pretty good gut feeling about this piece but would like to see what the community here thinks.

Many thanks in advance for your help here.

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Randolph Lateyice.


They have birth & death dates for the artist.

Randolph Lateyice December 20, 1940 - March 12, 2012 Zuni, New Mexico

Here is someone on eBay selling a pin-pendant version on a snake chain.



I like his thunderbird version, too.


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Late last night I actually found the signature R. Lateyice! I haven’t had a chance to find who that was and so grateful to you Saef. Thank you. I haven’t heard this name yet and for some reason I thought when I found the name, that it was a female. But I see now I was wrong about thatl I also see I didn’t even put measurements in my description here. I think I was so excited over finding it that I just wanted to know who made it!

Thanks again for your info. Now I’ll be seeking out just who Randolph Lateyice was. I imagine this piece is from somewhere around the 60’s maybe early 70’s because of the hand made chain here. What’s your take on the timeline?

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I would not venture to offer a timeline for someone who worked so long and may have kept doing things his own way, or not.

You are so right saef. This is a piece I will keep and I believe it’s quality and that is good enough for me.

Thanks agian,

Hope this helps you. There is not much more out there that I have found.


Ah, it’s you again! lol. I thought if I responded to your reply from my email, that it would post here…I guess I was wrong. This is great to know. Thanks so much, I really do appreciate that! My original thought about the dates and who’s, was a bit off but the beauty has not changed! I get a lot of comments about it when I wear this one! All good :slight_smile: