Early Philip Honanie Gold Overlay Sun Pendant 1970s

Watson Honanie’s web site says he was the first Hopi to use gold overlay, beginning in the 1980s. But, I purchased this Hopi Sun pendant in March, 1979, from the Museum of Northern Arizona. I have my original bill of sale documenting this pendant to Phillip Honanie, who is Watson’s brother.

This pendant features an oxidized sterling silver back, overlaid with a 14K cutout overlay of a Hopi sun with thirteen uniquely individual cutout sunrays. Through the rays the sterling is textured with short incised cuts and then oxidized. The pendant’s edge is also textured, but there is a different stamped shape on each of the four sides.
This pendant is 2 1/4" long and 1 5/8" wide. It is signed with Phillip’s twin crescent hallmark, the Kopavi hallmark, along with hallmarks for 14K and sterling.

Does this apparent discrepancy have any influence over the value of my pendant?

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I have heard many artists tell me they are the first to do a certain style. I would think about how long Hopi artists have been doing the overlay style, 60 plus years. It would be interesting to do a little research, but I would imagine a piece of Hopi overlay with gold had been made even before the 1970s. Your purchase shows a piece made in the 1970s that uses gold overlay, disputing the claim, by his brother. I don’t believe the pendant would be more valuable because it disproves a statement made by another. Hope this helps.

Thanks very much. It helps me understand. Appreciate your help and guidance. Best wishes.