Eddie Basha's Western Art Collection

We don’t live in Arizona, but find ourselves shopping in Basha’s Supermarkets whenever visiting. Being from out of state, I wasn’t aware that Eddie Basha was a seriously devoted Western and Indian art collector of fine art, sculpture, baskets, pottery, kachinas, and jewelry.

Anyway, I just wanted to share his extraordinary collection with people who would probably appreciate it and might have missed it. Please forgive me if this is common knowledge. I just discovered it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Eddie Basha Collection


Well that’s fairly awesome! I have one painting and it would stick out like a sore thumb among those. :elephant:

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Thanks for sharing this. I live in AZ and sometimes shop at Bashas but had no idea.

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Next time we’re in Arizona, we’ll definitely be going. And it’s free admission.

Thanks I had not known about this. Interesting for sure!

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