Edith Tsabetsaye Item wanted

Looking for something by Edith Tsabetsaye (Zuni)…turquoise or coral, with her unique needlepoint style. Open to rings, bracelets, pendants, etc… Found a bracelet on eBay but I think its a bit too small for me to wear comfortably. Anyone out there have anything to sell?


Just came here to say she’s fantastic. Good luck in your search.


I’ve got one, but it’s the same size or smaller than the one on Ebay. My wrist is 5-1/2 and it’s too big. Her work is amazing. Photos don’t prepare you for what you’re getting.

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I’ve recently seen Edith’s pieces in Shiprock of Santa Fe and Case Trading at the Wheelright in Santa Fe. Pretty sure they’re for sale. Amazing work to see in person.

I have a couple of Edith’s pieces – a small pendant and a bracelet. I stumbled on her 2019 Indian Market booth in the last half-hour of the market on Sunday, and she only had three pieces left. I continue to kick myself for not buying all of them! I reached out to her by email last year at Indian Market time. A family member replied that she had been busy w/ tribal life and didn’t have any inventory. I hope she gets back to creating soon!

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WOW! She would be about 80 years old now…I wondered if she was still alive and creating. I will certainly look into the leads you’ve sent, Thanks!!

There’s also a really nice coral cuff on Turkey Mountain Traders’ website, price on request

That’s what her relatives (sons?) said when I met them at Indian Market. 80 years old and still doing impeccable work.

I can’t believe my luck! I reached out to Edith Tsabetsaye to let her know that I am a great admirer of her work and that I was interested in purchasing one of her pieces. She is 81 and still practicing her art! With the help of one of her sons, I have commissioned a bracelet/ring set to be made to fit me. I will post pics as soon as it is complete. So exciting!!! My thanks to you all for your comments and suggestions on my original post!


This is fantastic, I’m so excited for you–and to see it! Keep us posted.

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