Effects of Chemicals on Jewlery

I purchased this beautiful, simple bracelet in December. Have been wearing it daily since then.
At work, my hands are in bleach/soap water often. I was concerned how this might effect the bracelet. Taking the bracelet off every time I use the bleach/soap water is not an option.
So far, so good.
Is there anything specific I should watch for?
Do not want to ruin the bracelet.
At times the bracelet is covered by a sleeve, which seems to be naturally polishing it and removing any dried residue.
Thank you for any advice.

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I would be very leery of ever wearing chip inlay if it regularly comes in contact with ANY cleaning chemicals. Silver is a softer metal and can be damages by solvents, but I’d be more worried about damage to the stones, or to the epoxy that holds them in place. I think it’s a great daily wear piece, but not if you are exposing it to bleach or soaps.

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Thanks for the input. Think I am going to make sure it is under a short/sweater sleeve whenever my hands are exposed to chemicals.

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Bleach is a big no no for silver unless you are trying to turn it grey to match other patina. Jemez2 is right solvents like alcohol and acetone / polish remover will dissolve your inlay epoxy. If that is coral in the inlay and it is not stabilized or protected even vinegar or lemon juice can bleach out the color. kyle

I was keeping the bracelet under my sleeve when at work.
The past week I have been using more chemicals, especially lots of Isopropyl.
Today noticed that a portion of the Turquoise inlay is bulging.
Will not be wearing the bracelet while at work any more.
Now trying to determine how to repair it. I can push the bulging area down. It is less than 1/4" in length.
Would it be best for me to remove that area of inlay and epoxy it back down? Then hand polish to remove any excess epoxy?
I do lapidary work and have a Turquoise/silver compatible epoxy.
Thank you

Honestly I think superglue is your best bet. Push the stones in place and glue them. thin superglue is best because it will soak in and get under the stones too. if you need to clamp the stones to keep them down be sure to grease a piece of aluminum foil and place the greasy side towards the glue then clamp. Mineral oil of vegetable oil works good but consider your stones. Clothespins work great. If the foil should stick no problem just file it away. using a paper barrier will leave fibers in your glue that you can’t remove. Use your progressive grits to hand polish. If you have voids in your surface clean it good and dry it very good and add more glue. any remaining water can turn the fresh glue whitish. Be sure it’s dry before reglueing. Kyle

I do not like super glue. It is not lapidary quality.

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We all have our likes and dislikes :rofl:

Top 3 Best Glues for Lapidary

One thing that a lapidarist can never neglect when carrying their supplies, is the glue they use for lapidary.

1. Cyanoacrylates CA Glue – (Best Overall)

Agreed. I’ve never heard it used with turquoise before - and would be concerned about doing permanent damage. From an art conservation standpoint, you probably don’t want to “fix” something that can’t be un-fixed, or might cause more harm to the piece if additional repairs are needed later.

I like 6000 also but it is very limiting with inlay work if you want to produce faster. An example would be working on an inlay band like in my picture. In the past I would have to work in 4 section, only on what would be the top of the ring, because as you rotate the ring to complete the other side the stones would fall out and make a gluey mess and waist materials. Later I found that others were using superglue and an accelerator and completing the setting in 15 minutes. The stones don’t fall out as you rotate the ring. You get a nice clear set. And if while cutting the surface down to match the channel you find a void it can be filled with more stone and glue and you can return to cutting within minutes. What use to take me days of back and forth to the bench can now be completed in an hour, ready to sell. Here is a ring I made using crushed turquoise from my scrap bin, Superglue and sterling. 1 hour project --sells for $55