Effie c ring information please

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I got this ring today,and I think it is beautiful,could I please get information on

  1. Effie C
  2. turquoise and coral I’d
  3. Age of this piece
  4. Rough value of the ring

I have done some research, and I have been told that Effie C pieces are very collectable ,is this correct,I will never be parting with the ring as my collection will be for my children and grandchildren ,but love to have all the info on pieces in my collection.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,as I trust your wonderful knowledge.

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Very interested to see but retry the images as they are not coming in. Thanks.

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She was Zuni, from a highly regarded jewelry family. This is a totally characteristic example of her work. She made many, so they aren’t scarce in the resale market. This type sells for about $50-100 in a small or medium women’s ring size at resale sites (of course could be higher or lower). Bigger, more elaborate, heavier rings go considerably higher, up to possibly $350.

Two recent sales on eBay for ones like yours ended at $50 and $55.


Effie Calavaza, or Effie C. jewelry, is very popular and a lot of people collect it. I think she started using this hallmark around 1970 when her husband Juan Calavaza died; before that they shared a hallmark. One thing to keep in mind is that not all jewelry hallmarked Effie C. was made by Effie herself. She passed down her designs and hallmark to “authorized” family members who she allows to use them. However, at least one family member (through marriage), who is not Zuni, has been making jewelry in her signature style and stamping it “EFFIE C. ZUNI” without her authorization and in violation of the IACA.

I don’t see anything about your ring to indicate specifically that it is one of the fraudulent Effie C. pieces, but I also am not an expert on Effie C. jewelry. I do know that the genuine pieces use almost exclusively turquoise and coral, and always use rough/natural cut cabs. So unorthodox stones such as onyx, opal, and white buffalo, as well as perfect-cut or very flat cabs, are usually signs of the fakes. Your ring passes both of those criteria.

Here is a court affidavit regarding the unauthorized fakes; information about Effie’s jewelry starts on p. 12:


Thank you so much,I love to know the history so that I can log it with the pieces,value is not always a great priority to me,I just love the piece,and trying to build a collection ,but I love to know if it is authentic as I have sooooo much to learn,and I deeply appreciate your wealth of experience on the site,I just love to see all of the new pieces on here and learn from them.

Thank you so much :blush:
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Effie Calavaza was taught by her husband, Juan Calavaza who was taught by Dan Simplicio, one of the more famous earlier artists. She passed in March of 2019 I believe. She had 3 daughters who took up the family trade as well: Georgiana Yatsattie, Gloria Jean Garcia, and Susie Calavaza. Effie’s sister is also known for her work. This would be Angelita (Angie) Cheama and her children, Wayne, Marvilyne and Fabian. Although the list of family members producing jewelry is incomplete, this is what I have been able to verify so far.