Ehhhh think these might be fake turquoises

What do you guys think? Has anyone seen turquoise with quartz? I’ve heard about it. I don’t know what this is. Glass? Turquoise? Is it Native American?

The nugget that puzzled me:

Broken one - color same inside


Hi @Chaparral, I believe it is just super heavy stabilizing solution on real turquoise. There is a post about it here some where, let me find it.


Thanks AC, that makes me feel a little bit better. I paid more than I normally would and the seller (junk/antique lady in Oklahoma) didn’t take returns.

Ok. Totally stabilized. Looks exactly like BigBree’s right hand necklace!


I think it could be stabilized but there is a type of quartz/turquoise mix called Bisbee in Quartz. Here are some Will Denetdale earrings with that stone.


Wellp. I was able to return it. At $99, it is going to bug me. Only out shipping. I am going to swear off these types of necklaces for the time being. I still have about half a dozen heishi nugget necklaces. That is probably enough, lol!

Yes! I have one or two and will try to take pictures and post tomorrow.