EP Sterling turquoise. earrings/ Claudine "Van...?" or "Pan..." Needle point necklace

I can’t make out the necklace signature at all, I used some tin oxide to fill in the engraving… still not legible to me. I know she does a lot of this… Her name? Help? I found it online once but now I can’t.
The earrings I think are channel inlay but the EP hallmark in my sources list it as unidentified. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much I am trying to post in the identifying heading.

I am having trouble making out the hallmark, but believe it is Claudine Penketewa. I couldn’t find anything on the earrings. They seem to have some age. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/104568022573603638/ This pair seems very similar and I imagine it doesn’t have a hallmark. Hope this helps. Enjoy your jewelry.

I think your earrings are by Emma Bowekaty, who signs her work with those initials. Take a look at some of her earrings and pendants here.