Ernest Pino Necklace with Spiderwebbed Turquoise

I recently got this necklace by Ernest Pino and am having trouble finding any information about him. There is a Facebook page the might have been him but I don’t remember seeing anything newer than 2011. Also a google search turned up his name associated with Sunwest Silver but that too went nowhere. I’d like to know a little bit about him.
I am also curious about what your thoughts are about the possible origins of the turquoise. Thanks for your help.



Hi, evidently Navajo, living and working in Branson, MO.

I would suppose Chinese but can’t swear to it. Is the pendant stone partly fractured (at 6 o’clock position and upward)?

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No fractures. I did find some indication of Branson, MO but never located him. Let me check out your lead.

I could never actually find the actual shop in Missouri. I did get led back to their Facebook page but as I said earlier. I don’t see anything newer than 2011.

@Jason while you and the rest are on here today does anyone know anything about Ernest Pino. Everything I find turns into a dead end. Interested in him and type of turquoise. Thanks as always.

I haven’t heard of that name. I think that Sunwest Silver is your best lead. That hallmark seems to be very similar in style with a number of silversmiths associated with them.

Ella Peters

Etta Endive

Bobby Johnson

Betty Tom

I would just send them an email and see if they know the name.

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He is no longer on their list of artists so I guess I’ll check obituaries next.

I found out from the seller that he passed in 2001.