Ervin or Erwin Tsosie cuff?

Ervin or Erwin Tsosie? Can someone tell me if this is Ervin or Erwin Tsosie’s work? I’ve had it for many yrs. It was sold to me as an Ervin Tsosie cuff but the hallmark confuses me. I understand Erwin started using the same one so Ervin took a new one. I also know the Ervin’s work is much better although Erwin’s is getting better, but I believe this is Ervin’s. Can anyone confirm this

If you can show us an image of the inlay work, they have both used this mark. The inlay will hopefully tell us.

Ervin or Erwin Tsosie? I have this vintage cuff that I believe to be by Ervin Tsosie. It was sold to me as his. The hallmark is ESterlingT. I have had it for years.

I am hoping someone can confirm this. I hope all the pix posted. I have never used this forum before.

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My gut tells me Erwin. However, I am not 100%, if I see one of the brothers I will ask.