Estate sale cuffs

Here’s a few more garage sale finds ,first one is unmarked ,second looks crude made no markings ,third one is D Ashley, curious what y’all know about these .especially first and second one, Thanks!


The first two have some age 70’s-80’s, both look to be Navajo made. Nice turquoise in both. The third is Chinese turquoise, possibly 80s more likely 90s and Navajo made.


I especially like the first one. Just classic and simple.

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Good finds! Real, and good items. I like the variation of color in the third piece (they’re all pretty). I NEVER find such items in garage sales here (east coast).


I was thinking the same thing. Garage sales here have kids toys, dishes, leaf blowers, and clothes. And more clothes. If you’re lucky maybe a snow blower that works. But no turquoise.


Thanks for nice words , I’m in Texas so you see some silver jewelry at sales . Garage sales and estate are a hobby I like antiques, go to a lot of sales, the last two cuffs were in a shoebox full of misc jewelry the whole box was $5.00 lol

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I’m on East Coast also. Last yard sale I stopped at had a sticky high chair that no baby should sit in as it had duct tape on leg, dirty vacuum with frayed cord and sign that said “yes it works”
cat scratching post that looked like a wolverine got a hold of it.
And a Joe Dirt mullet wig that my son insisted we buy :tired_face:


The first is a beauty!