Estate sale find

I bought this at an estate auction and promptly fell in love. I don’t know what kind of turquoise this is but it is such a lovely delicate color. There are no markings that I can find. I did a search but found only one ring similar…there was no information about it. So I’m asking for help…can anyone tell me the artist, time period, and type of turquoise?


Pretty ring and congrats on the find :grinning: Sorry I can’t help you with the artist.

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That’s a sweet find! Very nice ring. Without a hallmark/signature, it may be challenging to identify the artist. I’d consider it a vintage piece. I don’t know what the turquoise is, but if I had to wager a guess, I’d guess Kingman.

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Beautiful Zuni carved leaf ring. Based on the style I’d guess 60-70’s. Wish I could help with an artist but most of my collection is Navajo and Kewa.