Excited to learn

I have been collecting vintage jewelry (mostly costume) for years and recently have fallen in love with Native American silver turquoise jewelry. I love to thrift and go antiquing for bargains and research things I have never seen before. I have been lurking here for a little while soaking in the knowledge and gorgeous photos. I’m sure I have made some mistakes but that is how we learn sometimes, eh? :wink:


Welcome to the forum.

I’ve recently learned that a set of silver beads that I thought had decent provenance, are 100% machine made…they date from 1974 or so. It doesn’t mean they weren’t hand strung, which is moot, since they broke in the 1980’s and were restrung at a jewelry shop. Oh yay, so happy to learn. They haven’t been worn in many years, so aside from being a gift from a serious boyfriend, I can now sell them as sterling, southwestern style. Need to purchase a scale though.

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A kitchen scale will work if you have one.

don’t have that either, good thought though. thx

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