Fake Turquoise Heishi? And it's massive

Did I get burned? Some of the “turquoises” have gold colored pyrite or metal in the matrix but the whole thing feels weird. Are the beads dyed plastic, block or ? It is 30 inches long, and the beads are as wide as my thumb. The middle has some smaller heishi as spacers. It is too huge and heavy to wear comfortably. It is strung on cord/string. The lady I bought it from stated she paid $170 over 25 years ago. It weighs about 5 ounces. I didn’t know they made heishi this big.

Do you guys think it is Native American or fake?

This looks to be plastic. We see some very good “fake” beads. It is amazing how good they look. The gold is added.

Thanks Jason! I was leaning that way…