False Fingernails

Is anyone else here addicted to cute, false fingernails?
A good friend of mine started selling some last year. Cheri got me hooked on them.

I change them out every 2-3 weeks. Love doing Holiday/Seasonal themes.
The process I use does not hurt my natural nails.

When I am bar tending customers often mention my nails and want to see them. Then, they notice my rings and bracelet.
This combo has started some nice conversations about Turquoise jewelry.

My natural nails are short, soft and ugly.

Here are some past combos I used.
April showers bring the flowers.

St. Patrick’s Day.

Brewers Baseball. I had to use a marker to draw on the baseballs. Then add clear polish to protect the design.

A fun design. It is iridescent.

Feel free to share your fun fingernails and if your jewelry was also noticed.


This is a fun post! I have never worn false nails, but I do like to paint mine fun colors, and it has started some conversations that include my jewelry! I keep my nails really short, because it’s easier to lace up my skates everyday.

Love your nails!


I have to file down even the short nails because they are too long for me.
I used to wish I could use fun nail polish. Stuck with clean and muted colors.

A future combo will be turquoise and red orange nails. So they look like my turquoise/coral ring.


I did this today. Was at Dollar General and walked past the nail displays.
Milwaukee Brewers colors with a smiley and flowers. I had the baseball design ones, but was waiting for the perfect mix up nails.

I have such small hands and fingernails. I can wear children’s nails.
That was what the blue/yellow ones were.
Need to keep my nails fairly short, too.

The thumbnail fits a lot better than what the photo shows.


I’m going to have to do my toenails and post a picture! I can’t paint my fingernails because I type all day long and apparently, I pound on the keyboard so hard that nail polish does not even last half a day. I envy those of you who have such great and creative nails! I think I have some of those nail wraps somewhere, I’ll have to try them out when I go on vacation and won’t be using the keyboard.


I don’t do my nails much in the summer (always my toes :grin:), but people always like this turquoise polish!


It must be named KINGMAN :grin:


I’ll branch out a little bit and say that Sleeping Beauty might be more appropriate for nail polish :grin:


I had a bottle of that “Butter” once in a different color. It was really nice nail polish, better than the cheap stuff I normally buy!


I’ve only had one or two. Years ago I was looking for the perfect turquoise, and that was the one I liked best. It is good; I’ve had that bottle a long time, and it doesn’t glob up like most do when they get old.