Figure hallmark ID

Hello. I wonder if someone might help me with this hallmark. I am uncertain if it is actually a hallmark or a random indentation in the sterling. To my eye it looks a little like a chalice.

Also, I have forgotten what this kind of figure is called. Navajo? Help? Does this work look like it was created by a familiar artisan?

Thanks much. Lin

Can you open the pin mechanism and pull the bar back to expose the part below Sterling, and take a pic of that? That will help us tell if it’s a hallmark. The figure is supposed to be a kachina.

Thanks Chic. Of course. Should have thought of that. It now does not really look like a hallmark to me. Any thoughts on which Kachina and if Navajo or Zuni made?

Not sure who made it, but it’s a Hopi “Early Morning Singer” kachina. The item in its left hand is an evergreen.


Thank you, Tah! I love knowing which Kachina the figure represents. It is a nice piece, very detailed.

I agree, Lin. I like it! :+1: