Finally Found a place where I can meet other people who LOVE turquoise

Hi Everyone! My name is Juan Wang. I’m Chinese who currently live in Canada. From the moment I saw turquoise 20 years ago, I was in love with turquoise since. I know there were so many great turquoise mines in US and too bad most of them have been closed. My main collection is focused on Chinese turquoise since I originally from Hubei ( the place produce the best quality turquoise in China) and I’m planing to show you some pieces that I think represent different mines in China. I hope you will enjoy them and please let me know if you have any questions about them.

Here are a few pieces I have:


Hello Jaun,
Welcome. I personally would love to see some of the turquoise from your part of the world. Have a great weekend.

That’s some beautiful material!

Hello Juan, It is good to have someone from Hubei in the group. I have seen some beautiful turquoise from Hubei. I am from Arizona and I am so excited to learn from you. Could you say what mine the piece you have shown is from? Welcome to Turquoise People, Sara

That’s a really gorgeous chunk of turquoise!

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Welcome and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us; I might finally be able to identify exactly which mines my Chinese Turquoise come from.

Hi Sara,

Thanks for your kindly reply. This piece is from YuGai Temple Mine (also known as cloud Mountain Temple Mine). Too bad this mine is closed right now. This piece and many of my other pieces were purchased from an old stock.

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I can’t guaranteed which mine since some pieces could be very tricky, but please upload some pictures and I’ll do my best.

Thank you Juan for showing the piece from YuGai Temple Mine : ) The stone you show must be very high quality. Look forward to seeing more.