Fire Agate Squash Blossom Necklace

I have a beautiful and highly detailed fire agate squash blossom necklace signed SC. In researching this signature, I have found Sarah Curley and Sharon Cisco. However, the necklace tests as 84% silver, not quite sterling. Are there any thoughts about another possible artist?


I wish I knew. I really like fire agate. I have a nice bolo and would like a cuff to go with it.

Initial hallmarks can be very difficult. I know Sarah Curley and this isn’t like anything I have seen her do before. On doing a little research it leans more Sharon Cisco. Those are beautiful agates. Not sure about these silver testers, never used one before. You have wire, shop beads, everything looks like it should be sterling. I would be more worried about the accuracy of the tester.

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I found a Harry Morgan cuff with a fire agate on Rubylane. I was thrilled to get it as I am a big fan of Harry Morgan’s work.

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Jason, many thanks for your insight. I had this tested on an x-ray fluorescent machine. The results might be a little off but not much. I too was surprised that this was not sterling, but then again, it isn’t marked sterling. Still a beautiful piece- I call it “almost sterling.”

If by chance you used an acid test to check the purity of the silver, the testing acid can expire after some time, and will render false results.

Thank you for the comment on acid testing. This was tested on an x-ray fluorescent machine, which is considered very accurate because it detects all the alloys and what the proportions are. It’s more than an acid test.

Hope you post your Harry Morgan fire agate cuff too. I love his work.

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