First Timer Discovering NA Jewelry...Finding Your Forum Very Helpful!

Hi Jason & All Others on Forum:
I’m learning so much from your discussions! Thank you. I’m in my mid-60s, and barely one week ago, I began my adventure discovering the excitement and beauty of NA jewelry. Sorry I waited so long! My special interest (for now) is turquoise with silver, preferably old pawn pieces. I really like the symbolism in Navajo style jewelry. But, your forum has taught me that styles overlap among Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo artisans, so I must keep an open mind and explore all options. One week of searching on your forum, and I’ve experienced a huge difference in my discernment of beauty, quality, and authenticity! I just purchased my first piece of old pawn jewelry, and I’m anxiously awaiting delivery. When I get it, I will send you pictures and info…I would love for you and others to offer an opinion about it. A little question, for now: I believe my new acquisition was made by Johnny Blue Jay in the 1960s (the hallmark is a simple stick figure “walking bird”; I’ve checked and it matches pictos I’ve seen online on verified JBJ pieces). Not much info online about this artist, so wondering if you (and others) can tell me about him? If possible, refer me to a good resource about NA artists from that era. Thank you again!

Hello Peggy,

It is a very cool hallmark. Sorry, but do not know anything about him. Good luck on your adventure of Native American collecting.