Fitting I bought this pendant during the holidays

I was watching this pendant for awhile and decided to finally buy it for myself this month. When it came I found it was hand inscribed Jolly Christmas '78 :slight_smile:

It is a vey pale blue but I like it a lot. Any thoughts on the turquoise? It was sold as Blue Moon but I always take that with a grain of salt. I’m not sure but it might have been something other than a pendant at some point there are indentations on the back and it looks like it’s also been desoldered and re soldered/modified. Maybe a bolo tie?

Darn I forgot to post the pictures

Nice piece! Could you get a photo in natural light? Looks like Blue Moon to me. What is the engraving at the bottom of the piece?

Hi Chris,
Here is one outside but not very good natural light this time of year in Washington State. The other writing at the bottom is someone’s initials that was done by hand no hallmarks. Thanks for replying!

When I first saw the stone I thought of New Landers, also called Royal Web.

What are those engraved initials at the bottom? Won’t hurt to look them up, may shed some light on this.

Thanks for the information on this possibility. I had not even considered this mine because I associate it with darker blue stones. I see this one listed on the Durango site is closer to the base color of mine but mine has more green webbing for the most part. It definitely seems to have the depth of varascite or chalcosiderite. Thanks Again

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately not much detail there it’s marked in script D.D.

Thanks for checking. I really enjoy your posts on all of your auction finds.


I checked through the resources I have and did not come up with anything for "D D’ engraved. The mystery remains