Fix a cracked stone

Got a cracked stone? Have no fear there’s WATER CLEAR !! If you are not worried about the historical value of the piece you can repair the stone in place. Here’s how. You can buy epoxy 330 water clear glue made for repairing gems and mounting gems. Or you can use watch crystal cement too. My favorite is superglue ! simply fill the void with glue and try to push the halves together. If using superglue watch out for overruns and don’t glue your fingers to the ring. Keep some acetone handy to clean up any spills or unglue your fingers. Also do not use an accelerator to dry the superglue it can turn your stone white. Once the stone is set you may need to apply more to back fill until the glue is higher than your stone. Now the fun part. Once totally dry you need to sand off the excess glue until you have a smooth surface. For this use a set of fingernail buffing emery files. Use only the finest grits that won’t scratch the stone significantly and continue reducing the grit and buff just like someone buffs their nails. You may even find you want to buff the entire stone to restore its luster. If you don’t feel comfortable try it out on a piece you can afford to practice on then move to your project stone. Hope this helps, Kyle