Fluted bead Squash Blossom

Just got myself a new old squash blossom. I am in love with it. No hallmarks. Can you tell me if these beads are handmade? Could you also give me an idea of age and value? Thanks!


I posted a similar one a couple weeks ago. Maybe @Jason will give us his opinion. It’s a great necklace!

It is a great necklace, circa 1970s $1200ish.

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Thanks so much! I love the big rings, but this is probably about as big as I like to go with a necklace, but I absolutely love this one and did okay on the price. The 70s were some of the best years of my life, so it all fits! LOL


What material is it, i never seem it before

It is sterling silver. It’s just old and has a nice patina.

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