For Jason- Buckle into Pendant?

Hi, Do you think this buckle could be made into a pendant I would like the buckle part removed off the back and maybe a shepherds hook added? What do you think?
I think it would look pretty on some Navajo pearls or an old strand of turquoise heishi!


uh,why bother chopping it up? a bit of wire,needlenose pliers…ta dah


@TaraFawn75 That’s a good looking buckle. You don’t see many “naja” buckles. It reminds me of Candice Bergen’s buckle in Bite the Bullet, 1975.



It could be done. Also could have it cleaned up.

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It’s a great buckle, especially on Candace Bergen!!! I think it would also be a great pendant, especially on great old beads. The buckle could be easily removed and a hook added, but the stones must be removed before sobering. For a good jeweler it would be an easy project.

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It’s a great buckle! But it would also be great as a pendant, and if you would wear it more that’s definitely a reason to do it. I had a buckle turned into a pendant and I’m so glad I did it!

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There is also the option of using a converter. Freddy Platero makes them. I got mine from him on Facebook. That way you don’t have to mess with the changes.

I do too…eh,that’s probably long enough (no,that twist-tie is too soft)…snip…twist & bend…

who looks?

I have something called a Pin converter. Its for a Broach to make it into a necklace. I think you could use it the same way for the Buckel. So

It looks like you could remove the ring, (temporarily) and slide this on the bar, then put it on leather or a chain. Hope this helps so you dont have to destroy it.

@Meandmy6 I have varying degrees of success with those brooch/pin converters - it really depends on where the pin attachy part is on the back of the brooch, and they can sit super tippy and not have the look you wanted. I would think if you can secure it to the backside of the buckle, the weight would keep it set properly since the buckle generally has a curve on the inside as well.

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Try using this adhesive. Holds really good, and you can remove it. Its not like super glue. Its more rubber like. I use it for jewelry.

Here are the converters I use. The first is for pendants with small bails and you use it in conjunction with the second one on the buckle to do a buckle to pendant conversion.


Now those are beautiful!

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This product is new to me. Is it like the 6000?