For Turquoise People Who Also Like Coral

What Pete says. Ask questions. I didn’t ask because I wasn’t sure I actually wanted the seller to add additional photos or answers to the auction, which was a Buy It Now.

I also always look at feedback and ratings, but I also take it with a grain of salt because I don’t trust that other buyers always know if they received something fake. As you said, very few people ask questions, which they probably should.

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Some of them don’t have a clue what they are selling. I looked through a “store” the other night and at least a third of the items were mis-identified. As irritating as it is, sometimes you find a real bargain.

Had to come around and show this. No, I don’t need an ID. I bought it from Perry Null Trading, and it’s signed on the back by Lance and Cordelia Waatsa. And it’s a great fit, as is the ring.

The needlepoint work is amazing, so long and finely pointed.

I need to go out & get a scarlet manicure in its honor.


Wow! Really beautiful! Love it!:heart:

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Beautiful and quite flattering! A manicure to match would put it totally over the top!

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