For Turquoise People Who Also Like Coral

Here’s part of my coral bracelet and ring trays.
The topmost bracelet is signed RQ. I think it’s by Rosella Quetawki. I like how she does cluster work.
The one underneath is signed FE. I don’t know who made it but I wonder if it is one of the Eustace family. The nearly matching ring was made by a different person. It’s signed FN. I think it’s by Frank Nutaima. That one comes from the saddlery shop of my childhood.
The seven-stone bracelet underneath that isn’t signed.
The bracelet below that is by Bill and Lou Laweka and signed by them. The ring to the right isn’t signed but is a good match, don’t you think?
The bracelet below it is unsigned but I loved the stone arrangement, the big oval cabochon with a small round cabochon on either end.
The bracelet at the bottom is signed A Pinto Zuni, and I think it’s by Arlene Pinto.

Please share your coral if you love it too.


Beautiful coral! Here is a bracelet I gave my wife for Christmas. It is by Victor Begay.


How beautiful! And what a perfect gift that red coral makes for someone you love.

What is the pattern on the flanking pieces? I am always interested in the various patterns that artists use in making their cluster work. I wonder if his pattern looks like what I’ve seen on Larry Moses Begay cuffs.

I do not have any big cluster bracelets in coral. I have two Lorraine Waatsa rings but that’s it. Someday I will treat myself to a Lorraine Waatsa bracelet.


Saef, Absolutely love coral. Always curious about how coral found its way into Native American Jewelry? Assumed it was brought to them in trade? Wife says coral can be found long after the sea dries, would that not be fossilized coral? Anyone ?
Personally, Black Hawaiian Coral made an impression on me.
Saef, very nice collection you have. My wife has some coral items I gave her my stepmum owned. She dove off Florida in the 1950s in Key West, etc. One of the branch coral pieces she has is quite nice. Will share when wife allows it. :wink:

Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing that one.:+1:

My latest acquisition. The seller’s listing indicated that she was just “throwing in” the bracelet. The bracelet turned out to be a delightful surprise. There is an “A.Q.” signature on the reverse of the bracelet, which I think is Alice Quam. At just a bit over $665, I’m pleased with this purchase. It was a gamble because this was the only picture in the listing and it’s impossible to check on the condition of the stones. The reversible necklace is unsigned. Looks like several artists made these. Lately I see Eldon James.


If that is an Alice Quam bracelet, and it sure looks like her work, it is worth more than you paid for both pieces. A bracelet that seems to be a match to yours recently sold for $1100. Great find!
A quick edit, I should have said their work. She does She stonework and Duane does the silver.
Stupid spell check!

Reversible squash necklaces are so amazing. I had the opportunity to purchase one some time ago, and now I regret not buying it when I had the chance.

Here is some of the coral I wear most. I like the 60’s/70’s hippie vibes of the shadow box ring and the flower cuff, and I love the angel skin coral on the cuff, it’s a refreshing change from the bright, red coral we often see.


Now you’re talking. I love vintage pieces like this. I like stampwork and your bracelet makes me think of some kind of cactus flower. (Speaking of hippie-looking flower power, have you seen Stephen and Louise Suitza’s flush inlay flowers? Those have about the strongest hippie vibe that I’ve seen.

Those shadow box rings are fantastic – substantial on the hand, and with my favorite 3-D effect with oxidation. I like these rings both with more naturally shaped long skinny pieces of coral, like yours, and the polished cabochons. I’m kind of fascinated by the variations in the stampwork around the edge, too.

As for the angel skin, that is ethereally beautiful stuff. I’m more used to seeing it in 19th century Victorian jewelry, sometimes connected with children’s jewelry. (Supposed to be good for teething.) That bracelet is a fine piece of work. There is a lot of labor & craft in cutting and polish cabochons to match like that and spacing them exactly. I really appreciate a nice row of coral cabochons in any color.

Here are some of my own pictures of the possible Alice Quam bracelet.

Here’s the signature

A closer look

On my wrist.

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Thank you for your kind words! I had never heard of Alice Quam until I had read this post. I wanted to read up on her and I was able to find this listing on eBay and Etsy as well:

Here’s the reverse:

I would definitely say that your purchase was well worth it! Sounds more like they were just “throwing in” the squash blossom necklace! Lol!! What a fantastic find.

I rarely wear jewelry but I just love Native American jewelry! The first piece which got me hooked was a beautiful coral bracelet from Rick Martinez which I found in Van`s trading post. Could not resist! Hope you enjoy too!


This is a great piece – the way it curves and physically wraps around the wrist, almost like the silver is mimicking a textile. I’m assuming it was cast, and the grainy texture is from the stone in which it was cast. It has so many textures. Then there are the geometric shapes which again make me think of textiles. And finally that curving row of carefully spaced and exactly shaped snake eye stones. I love this. Looking at it makes me feel good. Bravo, Rick Matinez.


Here is another coral piece I own and dearly love: a ring by JULIE O LAHI (Zuni):

Hope you enjoy…

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This ring made me catch my breath. Gorgeous color, beautifully matched and worked coral cabochons, symmetrically arranged. And it’s huge. Almost oversized. I have heard of this artist before but have not known what her work looked like. I’d love this, too. What a wonderful thing to own.

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You Ladies are very fortunate, as are many me. I am a 6 foot 6 tall man. I have never found a Native American braclet that fits my enormous, bony wrist! Suppose that’s a $ saver. The Martinez one is stunning.

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That is a beautiful set. I like the Reversible Squash Blossom. My mother gave my wife one just like yours just a few years ago. We lost my mother in October 2015. My wife started wearing the Squash Blossom last summer when we went of vacation. She got alot of great compliments on it. Hers too does not have any Hallmark Markings. Just thought I would share that with you. Love your bracelet too.

Saef, this is an incredible set. What a great find! As someone who is trying to learn and hesitant about making purchases online can I ask–could you tell from the listing that these pieces were not block turquoise/coral? You said that this was the only picture, and it’s not particularly close up.


I made a gamble, that’s what happened here. I couldn’t tell from this far-off photo whether the turquoise and coral was block. Not in the necklace. However, I have looked at a lot of Alice Quam cuffs, and cuffs by Lorraine Waatsa, her daughter, and so I had a really, really good feeling about the bracelet. I thought that it might be by Lorraine and I would have been very happy with that. It would almost be the price of the listing for me. I love Lorraine’s work and own several pieces.

eBay listings like this where the seller is not a professional jewelry dealer & you have limited photos & no guarantee are a gamble. I would not blame anyone for avoiding an auction like this. You may get a great find at a great price. But also, you may get junk.

Honestly you are safer with a reputable dealer or gallery, or a well-guaranteed eBay seller. You will get your money’s worth that way.

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Hmm… Thanks!? I think? Lol… I sell my stuff on eBay (or try to) & have noticed very few people ask questions!
You have to communicate, imo.
If the seller doesn’t respond to your questions… Beware!

I always read feedback left by buyers, as well (when I purchase). A 100% rating & track record of all ‘Positive’ feedback left by buyers should be good enough, because if for any reason you, as a buyer, are not satisfied, eBay will refund your Purchase Price + S&H! They almost always side with the buyer!

Btw, you got a lot of nice stuff saef!!