Fort Defiance Coll. Zuni Cluster Pin. Turquoise

Zuni Turquoise Cluster Pin. Purchased recently. I absolutely love it. Various turquoise colors are rather attractive. From Fort Defiance Collection.

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Also, from same collection. Fred Harvey Era Pin, made into bolo quite some time ago. Another personal favorite I own.

Oh I do love this piece! I have a few Zuni pieces, but coral, not turquoise. And unfortunately, some of the coral has dried and cracked. This is stunning! Terry

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Thanks ! I got these 2 for my Birthday recently. I couldn’t decide so I just got both, glad I did. It’s easy to find cluster pins, but one with such nice variation of color, marix, aging, made from solid silver not cut, with some real age, is not so easy. I took my time finding one. Honestly, I took 3 years!