Fossil Cast Ring?

Anyone remember seeing something like this stone? The ring is unmarked and has wear. Any input appreciated. What would you guess it’s age. Thank you all.

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Is it a stone or is it bugs in acrylic that was popular in the 70’s?

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lol -I don’t know. Will get it home in a few days. Can give more info then. Interesting -bugs in acrylic :slight_smile: Thanks Islandmomma for the 70’s info

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It looks like pinolith…Pinolith pics

But that usually doesn’t have the clear matrix… it might have a resin/acrylic cover over the pinolith.

I see bubbles in the cabochon… which tells me it’s probably foil-backed glass or acrylic. Natural stones rarely ever have bubbles like that. Have your ever heard of Dragon’s Breath in some Fred Harvey era jewelry? Somewhat similar concept to foil-back glass.

Thanks everyone -will update soon.

This is foil-backed purple acrylic. Unmarked, it tested below .925. - not magnetic. Can’t help but notice the stamp work looks cast as well. Would we call this NA, is it sand cast and what era would you say. Thanks again.

This amateur wouldn’t call this NA because of the “stone”, seam (in attached) and general appearance.

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