Found this in Sweden, no hallmarks anyone have a clue?

The bracelet is marked SS. Sterling Silver i suppose and weight is about 72 grams. Can anyone help a swedish collector?
Best wishes Robert

To my eye it doesn’t look Native and the Turquoise looks more like Block. The rope work and details look more like Nepal or Tibet work; but they usually mark 925. Either way it is a good looking piece with a nice weight.

It would be interesting to see if this is really sterling, you might do a test. I agree that the stone looks to be block turquoise.

Thanks for the answers. Should i take it to a silversmith for the test? ! Thats the stamp and i took a New pic of the middle Stone. Block turquoise, is that take?15786880044203669943839939022429|375x500

They sell small test kits on Ebay

That might be stabilized, treated turquoise. Could be an artist hallmark instead of SS for sterling silver.

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The old swedish woman i bought it from said she found it in the South west USA around 1970. But i might have been bluffed. Still i like the bracelet. Only SS hallmark ive found is Stan Slim. And the only similarities i see in his works isthe twisted “ropes”.