Fred Harvey Era??

I am trying to date this ring-I know it is old but I don not want to completely clean it to search for marks…or should I?? I do not see any raised above the patina and it is possible that it is not marked at all I suppose! Any help would be great!

Not all jewelry is marked. That is neither good nor bad but just makes it harder to ID the artist. You might want to get some silver polishing cloths. Most people who are serious collectors seem to want patina but a cloth would allow to you tidy up if you need to look at a hallmark.

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Your ring I believe has had a rougher life rather than a long life, it is not a Fred Harvey era piece. Enjoy wearing it, the ring is full of character.


YEs it was grandmas and I remember her ALWAYS wearing this ring so it has been well used! I love how it hugs your finger! Thanks for the info Jason!