Free turquoise---well sorta free!

FREE Turquoise Cabochon !!
Hi folks, The first person to respond gets this free (almost free).
IT’s an experiment. Here is the deal. I live in Spain, teach silver smithing and do all sorts of lapidary work. I haven’t shipped any products back to the states because normally I travel back and forth and do my mailing when I am home. I want to test the postal system by shipping something. then I will have an idea about customs, time involved, shipping and safety. This stabilized cabochon could bring 25+ dollars. If you agree to pay the postage when all is said and done IT’S YOURS. If you don’t like the free stone you owe nothing !! who wants to help in this project. Email me at Boy I sound like an infomercial !!


I’ll buy it
Whats the shipping cost?


Very Good! Check your email for my response :grinning: