Gem Silica Cuff Bracelet

Hi All,
Thoughts on if this cuff bracelet is Gem Silica? Any ideas on age and value. I am including a vendor photo because you can see that the center stone Is a different color than the side stones in their photo better. Thanks for your help.

I think I would call it Gem Silica. Gem Silica, as it’s known, is actually “Gem Silica Chrysocolla.” Essentially, it is the combination of three minerals, Chrysocolla and Malachite, in Quartz. Malachite being the greener color, chrysocolla being the more bluish. Turquoise can also contain quartz inclusions, but generally it will not be as translucent. Silica, like turquoise will vary in color depending on which minerals it’s composed of (hence two distinctly colored stones).

This is an older bracelet, I would date it to around 1940 to 1950 maybe. I haven’t seen any other examples of Silica being used any earlier than that. I’ve never personally owned or sold any Silica jewelry, either. I would probably have this priced around $275- $350 in my shop. I don’t know too much about Silica, and maybe someone else can weigh in on if this is a high grade Silica or not (which would impact the price), and what a more accurate price range would be.

Hi Bree,
Interesting I had always thought they were three separate minerals I see I need to do more research. I have read the more translucent the better. To my eye mine is not very translucent but has good saturation. Thanks for your helpful information.

Hmm… here’s the green one!
You took the thread from Identifying to Appraising!?

Pete thank you for the link, very helpful