Getting glue off sterling silver

Greetings! I have this great watch cuff I purchased for resale but after I cleaned the dirt off I found it to have a glue like substance all over it. I chipped most of it off but am having a heck of a time getting the rest off. I tried acetone which the glue just laughed at. Don’t know what else to do. Is there anyone with restoration experience that’s come across this issue? Or maybe a silversmith? Thanks!

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CAREFUL! There are substances out there that are made to cover sterling to prevent tarnish. If acetone didn’t make a dent I would suggest simple green, it is less corrosive. The factor you have to consider is the chip inlay. to much and you will eat at the inlay composite. Another thing you may try i s orange juice or tomato juice, although these require time and complete submersion. I have also found that TarnX can sometimes render adhesives brittle. Best of luck it is a nice cuff!

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Don’t discount a good steam cleaning either! (jeweler can do do this)

I have a steam cleaner. All the acetone will do is dull the silver. I’ll try the steamer. Thanks

Still hoping for some professional help. Any silversmiths out there?

I soak glue areas with soap and water (we use distilled water because our well-water turns silver dark). Use cotton balls to soak and then wood toothpicks and rough cotton cloth to pick and rub glue away. The more you remove, the more the soap and water dissolves the glue. It is a long process. Wouldn’t soak the Turquoise areas. Many times I’ll get old jewelry with jeweler’s glue here and there and this is how I clean it. Be careful Not to remove to much glue around the edge of stone settings.

I have a damaged J. Nezzie chip inlay cuff that still has heavy glue and tarnish residue in the bottom of the missing inlay I can experiment with.

1st thing I tried is a few drops of Motsenbocker’s LIFTOFF in the channel and let it sit for a couple of hours. Result was top layer of crud residue loosened (good) and was chipped off with a little help from a letter opener (not recommended), small scrapes and scratches from the tip of the letter opener but it was closer than the wooden toothpicks in the kitchen at the time
This is the bottom of the inlay trench so I’m not too concerned with the scratches.


to be continued.

Pretty Cuff! Just a suggestion: Try using Happich Simichrome polish. I’ve used it for years,
it works for removing just about any substance and leaves a protective sheen,.

So sorry I didn’t see this message sooner. Thanks so much for the help!