Getting it started on the Auction Site

I am taking the leap of putting some items on the auction site, I did all of these using my phone, was very easy to get them listed. I will try and get some more older pieces up. Would like to see some of my fellow Turquoise People users get some pieces put up.

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When you actually register is all the info there about selling fees, duration of listings, auction vs fixed price, etc?

Yes, you get those options during listing.

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I looked under terms and conditions could not see the sellers fees?

I will work on getting those posted. It is 10% for first $199, then 7.5% for up to $1999, 5% after that

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Thanks. Was waiting for you to post this.

We are going on vacation in a couple of days and will be gone for 2 weeks. I looked around the auction site hoping to find a “vacation mode” for the few listings I have there. Can you advise? Thank you, Sara

I don’t see a vacation mode.

is there a separate registration for the auction site? i cant get my forum credentials to work on the auction side.

Yes, you will have to create a new login & password for the auction site

thanks, Bree!! I was waaay confused!

Little confused - if we have an item to sell, do you prefer that we use the auction site or can we still post items for sale in this sub-forum?


I added the auction thinking people would like this feature, it hasn’t been used much and thinking about taking it down. You can list in either.


I haven’t used it because nothing ever seems to leave once it gets to my house! :joy: I have good intentions of reselling but I tend to get attached and it joins my collection.