Golden Morenci?

Ok so I got really committed in a group of auctions on the West Coast… I am kind of a sukka for Watch tips, cuffs and bands anyway. In particular the watch bands that are all sterling and include a snap clasp. I have a Tommy Moore Sleeping Beauty Pebble and Raindrop band that I wear everyday, I just think it is the bee’s knees! I got this in a group of cuffs, tips and bands just before Christmas. My wife has taken it over completely! She even gave up her Bear claw tips that she really loved! It is marked with a gothic P only, so I have not found the makers name yet. I have been really perplexed by the Turquoise type, but I am leaning towards Golden Morenci at this point. I would love to hear any thoughts on the type of Turquoise. Not really interested in the value…well maybe for insurance purposes. But that would be gravy! :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen anything like that. It looks amazing.

Have you been able to magnify the stones under a loupe at all yet?

I would call the stone Kingman. The iron pyrite looks different than what you usually see.

You might put a magnet to it and see what happens. It is a good looking watch bracelet.

Such a cool and different stone. I had to look up golden morenci but I didn’t find pics of anything like yours.

I have never heard of Golden Morenci! I wear a watch every day, I have two watch bands. One watch needs a battery, I am looking for automatic or solar watches so I don’t have to hassle with batteries!

I have seen a few stones where the lapidary will use silver, gold, or an epoxy ( the epoxy May have silver or gold dust sprinkled in it) to “fill in” some of the crevices.

That said, I do have some stones that appear to be natural with pyrite or some other metal in the matrix that appears to be more golden.

I have also seen someone claiming that they have turquoise with gold flakes in it, but I have yet to see gold in turquoise stones confirmed in any books I have read.

Btw, love the look of the stones!

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In the 1980’s I lived in AZ on the Navajo Reservation. Was befriended by some Navajo silver smiths. They used a gold flake/chip powder as filler in some Turquoise rings.
This was available from a few different suppliers in the area.
Your photos remind me of that.