Good deal?

Calvin begay? It’s a set of earrings and a pendant. looks like a awesome channel inlay job with stunning turquoise. the Calvin begay set says $472 on the back of the cardboard holder. Does that sound right? Then I found this artist who uses the jj but already forgot the name. I basically bought it all for $50 just for the ring. The rest was just a bonus I guess

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Jerry Johnson the best I can figure on the ring

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If you got all of these for $50 I would say that is a good deal. $472 seems a little steep to me for the Calvin Begay set; probably priced high to begin with so that they could give a significant “discount.” You have to be a little careful with Calvin Begay stuff because he would design things and basically have them manufactured by others assembly line style. On top of that he had one or two shops continue to use his stamp after he ended his relationship with them. I’m personally digging the turquoise in the ring more.


I bought them from an old woman selling a bunch of jewelry.