Grandma's earrings


My grandmother wore these earrings every day of her life. When she passed, they went to her eldest daughter, my aunt, who sent me these photos so I could identify them. I believe them to be Zuni. The style of inlay and the nature of the petals, along with the additional round tuquoise pieces at the tips, before the silver ends, make them unique.

Can anyone tell me more about these? I would appreciate your insight.

My ultimate goal is to find a Native artist who could create replicas. I have several sisters and female cousins who would cherish a pair of their own in memory of my grandmother.


Welcome to the forum. They are beautiful earrings. Zuni, the clip-on backing makes me think these are late 60’s early 70s. If older I believe we would have that screw back. Remember your grandma wore these daily and that has given these earrings that wonderful character. We could have these made, but they are definitely not going to look like the earrings in the picture.

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Thank you for your reply! It makes sense that some aspects of these earrings come from daily wear. Would newer pairs still have the flat inlay quality?

Could you tell me more about what it would take to have these made? The aspects I notice, and would want to see in replicas, is the size, the flatness of the inlay, the different colors of turquoise, and the round turquoise on the ends, before the silver balls. These are the elements I haven’t been able to find in more modern earrings.

Your insight on what it would take to get anywhere between 2-5 pairs (depending on my cousins and sisters) made that look like these (barring age-specific qualities) would be greatly appreciated!


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Grandma had great taste! The different color in the turquoise stones comes from color change over time. Especially that dark “greasy green” color. Turquoise absorbs oils from our hands, as well as soaps, lotions, ect. when we handle it. Older natural stones acquire that greasy green color that just can’t be faked. It’s likely that these stones all matched when your grandmother first got the earrings and then changed color at a different rate with handling. I’ll let Jason answer your other questions; Perry Null is great and if anyone can help you find an artist that can replicate this style Jason can. But that is what he means when he says your grandma wearing the earrings gave them the wonderful character that won’t fully be able to be replicated. An artist may be able to approximate it using stones that don’t fully match, but it wouldn’t be quite the same.

The flat inlay is called Dishta style, and I would say these earrings are a beautifully unique example.


Let me see what I can get done and will show you an example when I have something.


Thank you for your response- that was very informative and helpful!

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Thank you so much! This is very exciting!

This is the first pair, what do you think?


Oh Jason, they’re so beautiful! You did an amazing job. I wasn’t expecting to see them, so opening your email was such a wonderful surprise that it made me cry a little. You even made them pierced, which I need but had forgotten to mention! I am really, really pleased right now and feel a little overwhelmed!

I would love to make further arrangements with you for these earrings, and can’t wait to show them to my sisters and cousins to see what they’d like to do!

You’re really the best- you’ve made my heart feel so warm! Thank you so much!


@Jason…you could have things made for us? Oh boy! Because I am still seeking that Zuni snowflake cuff that “started it all”

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We can try, depends on what it is.

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