Grandmother’s Squash blossom necklace

Any information would be helpful. Age, value, type of turquoise? It weighs 7.2 ounces. That might not be the right unit of measurement for jewelry. I’m a newb. It belonged to my grandmother and was recently passed on to me. It is sterling.


Are there any hallmark type markings anywhere?
It looks like a nice necklace.


No, I looked all over it and found no markings of any kind. :frowning:I never saw my grandma wear it and my mom said she doesn’t remember her buying it.

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I also have the matching earrings bracelet and ring that go with it. But no marks of any kind.


What a beautiful set - I love it.


What a wonderful thing to inherit. I would call this 1970s-80s. It is hard to get a feel for the turquoise looks like some has changed color. It is a nice set and would imagine seeing all the pieces together around $1500.

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Thanks Jason! I wear the bracelet, ring and earrings all the time! The necklace is a bit heavy, so I have yet to wear it. It’s nice, I reminds me of her when I wear her jewelry.

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