Grandmother's Estate Turq Jewelry... HELP!

Hello Turq people!

I’m clearing out my grandmother’s collection of turquoise jewelry. She was an avid collector. Many of the pieces are vintage, hallmarked and while I’ve found some of the artists thru research, am stuck on many others. Also, I have no idea how to prices them, nor where or how to sell them.
I have photos of the pieces and the hallmarks but I’m looking for some help in getting started on this forum… Which I’m so happy to discover!
If someone will kindly give me a 1,2,3 etc short list on the do’s and don’ts I’d appreciate it as this will be a long process I think!


Hello Leslie,

Maybe the best place is to start by
providing pictures of the pieces you don’t have names for. Once you
have everything identified as best as you can then we can figure out
prices. A marketplace like ebay will give you the best exposure, unless
you are located where their is a Native American art following. Hope
this helps.