Grandpa's Bola (bolo) Tie with Fish Mark

I inherited this nice bola tie and it’s marked with “Sterling” and a nice fish mark (not a salmon or Christian type mark). Anyone know of the maker? He always traded with Navajo and Hopi artists, but I cannot find in my hallmark books. I believe the stone is a dark agate or ?? Thanks in advance for any help. Christine

Can you please attach photos. I can’t see any here. I can think of two fish hallmarks.

EM Teller is one of them – they made a pair of earrings that I own and repaired a broken clip on one.But theirs looks like the Christian fish symbol.

There is at least one other.

Sorry, I did not recognize the attachment icon. (Possibly it’s a whale or something else?) Thanks


There is great emphasis on the detail of the fins. There are so many creatures this could be representing, even aside from a fish: a salmon, a killer whale, a dolphin, a shark or a whale. I could not find this in the latest edition of Hougart’s.

Isn’t it unusual to have a hallmark on the clip rather than the piece itself?

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I was thinking the exact same thing. My only theory is that the clasp could be handmade, and not a traditional Bennett clasp? But it looks identical to many clasps I’ve seen before.