Great Grandpa's Cufflinks

These were my Great Grandpa’s, William Fern. He lived from 1855 to 1935. Mostly in NW Wisconsin, but he was at a logging camp in Pine City, MN for a while.
Does anyone know anything about the Hallmarks? I am including photos of each cufflink.
I do not have the ability to do a gold test on them. They are slightly tarnished in places.

I would like to learn more about them.

2 cuff


This is a great pair of monogrammed cufflinks. Sorry, but I don’t recognize the hallmark. I believe this may be a gold wash over base metal/sterling - that was a popular technique during the late 1800s. However, others here may have more info about the metal content. Such a wonderful family keepsake!


Looks like gold wash probably over brass. I think they may be by W.G. Clark &Co., Attleboro, MA, c1896-1915. Looks like their goods but the marks are not exact. However, those old companies changed marks with owners and family entering the firm. That’s as close as I can get. Much of that jewelry I’ve come across was manufactured between Newark, NJ and RI back then.


Thanks for the info. The G and C are similar to their mark.

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