Green abd briwn turquoise

Hi. This is turquoise, right. I have not seen this combo of colors. Any idea what mine?

I believe this to be a Navajo artisan piece but not sure who this GP hallmark belongs to. Ideas. It is a very plain setting.

It sort of looks like turquoise… more or less, but what is really curious is the fibrous looking textured ‘matrix’ (?). You sometimes see mother stone or matrix receding a bit due to disparate hardnesses between turquoise and matrix when the piece is polished, but this is more pronounced than anything I’ve ever seen. Almost looks like the ‘matrix’ has been applied rather than occurring naturally within the stone, which is definitely treated. Not quite sure what this is…

Hello. Thanks for your idea. I have never seen anything like this either. I hadn’t thought about the brown matrix being applied. Interesting idea. Brown seens to be part of the stone, can’t scrape it off.

I would call that Kingman. Does it have a thick epoxy layer, something smooth covering the matrix? An artist by the name Greg Pat makes lots of small items, not sure if this is his.

Thanks Jason. It doesn’t seem to have an epoxy layer. I thought maybe Kingman myself. Greg Pat’s work seems more ornate, this is so plain, but maybe it is his. Thanks again!