Green squash blossom necklace

This squash blossom necklace was sold to me as green turquoise, but I believe it is gaspeite. What do you think?
Jason, also a value if possible please. It is moderate size, 16" long and the naja is2 1/2 x3". Also includes earings.
My wife will like it either way, it will be for Christmas.



Yes, I would also call that gaspeite. The necklace has an impressive look with all that stone. Gaspeite has become more difficult to get your hands on and these stones look to be the real thing, lots of imitation gaspeite out there. I would think something like $900 is what you would see in a retail establishment.

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Thanks, then I did not overpay. It is signed VMB, Victor Moses begay. Do you know if he is still alive and if he is still making pieces? Thanks, Mark

I saw him a couple of years ago. I don’t believe he was making any jewelry, but seams to have family members that still make this cluster style. I have heard stories that he had a big operation during the 1980s when turquoise was booming.

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Great looking piece! I have an inlay cuff by him and a cluster cuff by Larry Moses Begay. I hope your wife loves it!

Thanks for the info Jason. A number of years ago I bought a piece by him from a gentleman with a shop in Gallup. He said at that time that he was also a holy man and had done a blessing ceremony for him when he opened his shop, I figure he was fairly old by that time, and did not know if he had passed.
Islandmomma, thank you, I know she will love it, as she likes my taste in the jewelry that I buy for her. You reminded me about that bracelet, a very detailed piece by him, and I beleive I was supposed to post some photos of some similar, albeit less detailed pieces by him when I got back in town. Unfortunately my work takes me away from home quite often, and alas I will not be back until the weekend now. I will try to remember the photos, but I know my wife and I are going to a large gem and mineral show this weekend, so please remind me if I forget again.

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Thanks. I sure will. I hope y’all have a great time this weekend!

She will love it, it’s gorgeous!!! Good job!

Wow thats Chartreuse, not green. How unusual and beautiful.