Green turquoise cuffs and ring

I acquired each of these three pieces separately but with the intention of wearing them together. The ring was first and I think from the pictograph that it is Fred Thompson. It looks like a turtle to me and I’ve wondered if the turquoise is Damale. The larger bracelet was next. The veining is darker. That cuff is a little over 2” tall and only has some scratched in lettering; no actual hallmark. The last cuff is approximately 2” tall in the center and is very complex. I found a similar hallmark but they were looking for info also.
If anyone could help me determine the variety of turquoise and some guesstimate of value I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Didn’t get all the pictures the first time.

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Wondering if that is Broken Arrow Variscite.

Are you wondering that about all three pieces or a specific one? Think I’ll go check out Broken Arrow. Thanks

Yes, both pieces. I looked at Frogskin turquoise, but that has shading within the green. And Damele seems to me to be lighter-colored.

So I’m wondering about Broken Arrow Variscite, and trying to compare the matrix in yours with that.

I wish I knew more about types of Chinese turquoise.

We need Jason for this one.

Stones can be very difficult. You see both pieces with very similar shades of green. I think of the first bracelet as being a piece of broken arrow variscite, the second bracelet Chinese and the ring Damele. Fred Thompson use to work here in this trading post, would like to see the hallmark. All three are beautiful pieces.

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Thank you for the info. I am uploading photos of the ring and Hallmark. Really appreciate the information.

Fred Thompson made chip inlay, didn’t he? I have seen that tilde hallmark on chip inlay while hunting for Delvin J. Nelson’s work.

Perry Null Trading is the old Tobe Turpen business, then? When did the business change hands?

(I just de-accessioned a small fire agate ring with the double TT hallmark, no other signature, to get funds to buy some newer stuff.)

Hi Jason,
Was the hallmark I added to this post Fred Thompson’s? Do you know of anyone who uses a similar one? I am attaching a screen shot of unidentified pictographs. Would you please check out #91 and tell me what you think? They have Fred Thompson listed under the Navajo so are there two marks?
If anyone else knows, please chime in. Thanks for the help!

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It is very similar to Fred’s hallmark, but different.


Thanks. I wish my ring was one of his but it’s still great.

*This post is about the very first cuff in the pictures-the cast one. I am still trying to identify the maker of this cast bracelet. Several different references have identified the hallmark as Chris Beyuka, however he is listed as Zuni. I did read somewhere that he worked in different styles.
I also saw one cuff by Ric Charlie at Faust Gallery that was not at detailed but had a similar look. One of his hallmarks was a C. Can anyone shed some light on this?
I didn’t include any measurements or weight. This is a substantial cuff weighing 139g. The center front is 2” and the band is 1 5/8”. The stone is approximately 1 1/2” by 1.
Once again this may be a maker that never gets identified but I would really like to have values for these three pieces. Jason, is there any way that you can re-address this topic?
Thanks as always for your help.